[DKPOPNEWS Poll] Final results for "Favourite Debut Song" poll revealed!

We have opened up a poll 10 days ago for DKPOPNEWS' readers to vote for their favourite debut song,the poll has ended 2 hours ago,a total of 80109 readers have voted on the poll,check out who is the winner of this poll!

SNSD's debut song "Into The New World" received the most votes,it received 17,633 votes,topping the poll with 22% of the total votes.

TVXQ's debut song Hug ranked at 2nd,it received 17,515,slightly lower than the votes of Into The New World,placed at 2nd followed by Super Junior's debut song Twins.

Please suggest a topic with 10 candidates,we will thank you officially on Twitter if we use your ideas,think out of the box a bit,hwaiting!