[Videos] Super Junior & SNSD Featured On ABC7 News In San Francisco, USA Plus Flashmobs In Los Angeles, New York and Canada

ABC7 News, a broadcasting news in San Francisco California, aired something about kpop wave.

The whole video actually talks about Korea's economy, culture and the hallyu wave and on the video they featured Super Junior and Girls Generation.

Check this out:

And also, KBS World aired 2 SM TOWN Flashmob Project that happened both in New York and Los Angeles.

We reported before that after Paris' successful flashmob, many are following the country's footstep and now creating the same thing too to tame SM Entertainment to have the SM Town on each country respectively.

And one of the strategy is to attract and contact the Korean media to pass the message instantly. KBS World News was one of the media who broadcast the flashmob in New York and Los Angeles.

Here's the video news from KBS:

Not only was LA and New York but also Canada. Many fans across Canada were gathered to create a flashmob in different parts of the country including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa.

Check out this flashmob that happened in Toronto:

And also this flashmob was already featured at AllTVCanada, a Korean broadcasting news based in Canada.

Knowing Henry's hometown is Canada, the mobbers also made a shout out for Henry.

And the result for all of this hardwork, just earlier today Super Junior Leeteuk posted on his twitter that he already saw the videos and hoping to see the fans soon.

He said:

@special1004 America’s LA, New york Canada’s Toronto I watched your flashmob demonstration!!^^I want to meet you soon with an amazing concert!!!I love you♥

More international countries are still planning and hoping for SM Entertainment to grant this one simple wish, an SM TOWN CONCERT for their country. Good luck mobbers!!!

Full article by:sukira@dkpopnews.net
Video credits: 5ujuTV2,aboutkorea1, alltvCanada, KoreaOutsiders, Archerling245
Twitter trans: @pastakyu