[Twitter] Lizzy and Dojoon Chat About Ice

p_Lizzy: It’s hot… And I’m exhausted….ㅜㅜ Time to regain some strength after eating snowflake bingsoo ㅜㅜ (snowflake bingsoo is different than regular shaved ice because the pieces of ice are light and fluffy so it melts immediately in your mouth. yummm want some)

BeeeestDJ: @p_Lizzy: Don’t forget to buy some for me too

p_Lizzy: @BeeeestDJ: I’ll eat snowflake bingsoo, oppa you want eye booger bingsoo (snowflake = noon ggot ; eye boogers = noon ggop – they both sound very similar)

BeeeestDJ: @p_Lizzy: Are you having fun with those jokes????…

Translation: b2utiesloveb2st