[TRANS] YOZM (Taec,Chan,Junho)

Kor-Eng: Haeda @2pmalways
♥2PM♥ Taecyeon
It’s Taecyeon let’s go

[Fan] Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?
[Taecyeon] Maldives

[Fan] You here?? You’re here????
[Taecyeon] I’m here k

[Fan] How’s your arm oppa?
[Taecyeon] It’s about the same

[Fan] Got soaked in the rain from head to toe and friends ignored me I’m so depressed today and this kid keeps annoying me T____T Ah break this Murphy’s Law for me hyung T_____T Tell me to cheer up and do well in my studies hyung T____T
[Taecyeon] Cheer up

[Fan] Oppaoppaoppaoppaoppa Taecyeonie oppa!!!!!! Just wondering if you’d answer me if I called for you like this T______T♥
[Taecyeon] kkk

[Fan] Oppa, which online games do you like?
[Taecyeon] Sudden [Attack]?

[Fan] Oppa did you not get a bruise on your hip?
[Taecyeon] What about my hip?

[Fan] Oppa can you please say fighting!!!!!!
[Taecyeon] Fighting

[Fan] What is this T_T Can’t even see our oppa
[Taecyeon] This is chatting

[Fan] Oppa, you’re coming to Thailand soon so how do you feel about it?
[Taecyeon] Are we going to Thailand?

[Fan] I love you Ok Taecyeon T___T Fighting for left hand and fighting for your right hand too T_T
[Taecyeon] Two finger typing!

[Fan] Oppa, do you like your new hair???
[Taecyeon] But I’m gonna grow my hair long?

[Fan] Who started the GGG rap first G?
[Taecyeon] I don’t know G

[Fan] Dream Team with bandages~It’s good to see you’re trying hard but look after your body?OK?
[Taecyeon] Will do

[Fan] Taecyeon oppa! I’ll do HANDS UP together in Japan OK??!! \ㅇㅅㅇ/
[Taecyeon] Alright~

[Fan] Oppa do you have any scenarios (drama/film) in your hands lately? When can we see you acting again?
[Taecyeon] Around early next year?

[Fan] What do you use to raise your hair??
[Taecyeon] Dryer

[Fan] Do you have anything you wanna eat right now?
[Taecyeon] Rice noodles

[Fan] Why do you have concerts in Seoul only this time? T_T
[Taecyeon] Overseas schedules…

[Fan] Oppa how’s your arm? T_T From now on listen to positive songs rather than hurtful songs! What you say comes true~!
[Taecyeon] It hurts

[Fan] Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon? Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon? Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon? Yeonnie oppa what is your favourite emoticon??
[Taecyeon] >.<

[Fan] Grandpa, please take a selca after this T___T
[Taecyeon] Who you calling grandpa?

[Fan] Taecyeon oppa why aren’t you replying me…….. I’m disappointed………….T_______________T
[Taecyeon] Dis to the appoint

[Fan] What did you have for dinner?
[Taecyeon] Didn’t eat

[Fan] Is this how I use this…?? Haven’t used YOZM for a long time ^^;; Are you gonna read this?
[Taecyeon] I can see~

[Fan] Can you even see my mentions G? They’re being ignored G..
[Taecyeon] GG

[Fan] I don’t like you anymore let’s break up
[Taecyeon] Are you listening to Lies? (*by GOD)

[Fan] How’s your injury??T_T Are you feeling better?? Please scold Junho and Wooyoung T_T They keep saying they want girlfriends on TV T_T Tell them to wait until they’re at the top T_T
[Taecyeon] kk
[Taecyeon] It’s not like they’re gonna wait cos you tell them too kkkk

[Fan] Oppa what do I have to do to be selected for the fansigning? I don’t get chosen even when I buy the albums huh???????? I wanna cry you know that
[Taecyeon] I’ve never been selected to a fansigning before..

[Fan] What colour are your shues you’re wearing now?
[Taecyeon] What are shues?

[Fan] Just a dot if you can see this.. Dot… Dot…
[Taecyeon] .

[Fan] (message has been deleted)
[Taecyeon] Is that your dinner?

[Fan] What does a mic mean to Ok Taecyeon?
[Taecyeon] A thing that makes sound I guess

[Fan] And what time is this going on till?
[Taecyeon] Till 11?

[Fan] Oppa what’s in your best interests lately??k
[Taecyeon] My wrist?

[Fan] It’s so hot here G the fan’s broken G my body’s melting G I won’t eat you if you reply G~!
[Taecyeon] Yo!

[Fan] Do you play games much???
[Taecyeon] Don’t have time...

[Fan] Oppa I’m behind you right now kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[Taecyeon] But a staff member is behind me?

[Fan] Oppa don’t get injuries T_T Rest well!!! Couldn’t you give us a small spoiler for the upcoming concert?T_T
[Taecyeon] This time it’s Asian Tour!!

[Fan:PunchJ] What do you want to eat today?? K
[Taecyeon] Rice noodles

[Fan] I’ve prayed to Doonggo God (Fat Cat God) that I can have Yeonnie oppa but why isn’t it coming true?_?T_T
[Taecyeon] Cos I’m higher than Doonggo God k

[Fan] Oppa which drama do you watch these days?!^0^
[Taecyeon] Kim Samsoon k (MBC’s My Name is Kim Samsoon)

[Fan] I used to be crazy for Taec but after the scandals I started liking pure Woodongie but I’m gonna like Taec again Woodongie is bad –kkkk
[Taecyeon] How many scandals did I have?kkkk

[Fan] Grandpa tell us an old story T_T
[Taecyeon] Tigers smoked cigarettes too Finished (Korean myths and legends often start with ‘Long, long time ago when tigers used to smoke…’)

[Fan] Hello hyung!!!!!! Thanks for spotting the fanboy at the studio T____T Did you see my message?
[Taecyeon] All good~!

[Fan] Wonder what Junsu is doing? Kk
[Taecyeon] Playing kk

[Fan] Love you! What are you gonna do after this?
[Taecyeon] Recording…

[Fan] Why is it the last stage already T_T Are you having a special stage on your last performances?
[Taecyeon] Probably not?

[Fan] Oppa…… Sobs T_T Did someone put an invisibility cloak over my messages..T_T
[Taecyeon] You are Harry Potter?

[Fan] The Show was really fun! Looking forward to the next episode kkkkkk
[Taecyeon] As long as there’s no cooking episode kkk

[Fan] Oppa what’s your review of the 2PM Show!?!?!
[Taecyeon] Funny k

[Fan] Oppa isn’t it lagging heaps here? Is your side OK oppa?T_T????
[Taecyeon] Seems fine?

♥2PM♥ Chansung
It’s Chansung kk !!

[Fan] Chansungie is here?
[Chansung] Yes I’m here kkkk

[Fan] Oppa you have seaweed on your face very handsome
[Chansung] Ahh..kkk

[Fan] Chansunga marry me !!T_T
[Chansung] Hah…

[Fan] A name for a puppy~
[Chansung] Puppy !!

[Fan] Chansunga how’s Jeonggamie doing????
[Chansung] Doing very well kkk

[Fan] Oppa why did you come so late~~ I was ignored by Taecyeon oppa so much T_T Please bite him kk
[Chansung] Taecyeonie hyung isn’t next to me kk

[Fan] Oppa how’s your chatting posture right now !?!kkkkkkkkkk
[Chansung] On-the-computer posture..kkk

[Fan] I’m gonna propose
[Chansung] Ah OK..!

[Fan] What’s your review on the 2PM Show?????
[Chansung] Funny ~!

[Fan] Chansungie is a fool who doesn’t know my feelings G~
[Chansung] Haha that’s right G

[Fan] I’m gonna stop fangirling if you don’t do it T__________________T
[Chansung] Huh??

[Fan] What?? You hurt your pubis bone??? Let me see T_______T Hurry let’s see T__________T Let me see now *panting*
[Chansung] Did you want to see my injury or my skin and bones kkkk

[Fan] Oppa please upload a selca after you finish with chatting T_T
[Chansung] That’s not permitted..kkk

[Fan] ♥’ㅅ’ ♥ Jeonggamie is so cute but nuna is afraid of cat’s, what shall I do~~ ? kk
[Chansung] Ah that’s OK ~~^^

[Fan] Please leave me a dot it’s my wish please please
[Chansung] .

[Fan] Oppa my battery is nearly dead T_T So hurry up and say that you love me
[Chansung] kkk..

[Fan] Oppa have you had dinner??
[Chansung] Yes kk

[Fan] Chansungie oppa! I won’t eat you if you reply~~~~~~GGG!
[Chansung] I’m not something you can eat G~~

[Fan] Oppa oppa I’m eating bread right now om nom nom T__T
[Chansung] Enjoy your meal~~kk

[Fan] Oppa do you like younger girls or older girls or girls in the same age as you? Ps don’t forget I called you oppa
[Chansung] I like them all k

[Fan] Chansung-ssi can you please do Take Me Down for your individual stage at the concert again? A..American dance
[Chansung] Dunno kk..

[Fan] Oppa why can’t you honestly see me!!!!!T_T I’m gonna cry
[Chansung] Saw you !!

[Fan] What are you doing after the chat’s over?
[Chansung] Practice!

[Fan] Chansung oppa show me a cute emoticon~T_T*
[Chansung] #~#

[Fan] Chansungah what books do you read lately? Recommend recommend! If you like mysteries then you should read ‘Snow White Must Die’ it’s really interesting!!
[Chansung] Future Woman!! Read that kk

[Fan] I don’t have the energy left to send messages anymore T________T
[Chansung] !!!

[Fan] Oppa you used to eat that 100WON Goldfish Red Bean bread at the 5-way intersection in front of the Wangsipri Station often right??????????????????
[Chansung] Ah that’s really yummy kkk

[Fan] Chansungah what time will you sleep tonight??
[Chansung] Don’t know../.

[Fan] Oppa have you read 11 Minutes? Is it rude?
[Chansung] Haven’t read it k

[Fan] Oppa if your heart’s big please share it a little G
[Chansung] ( ) This much

[Fan] I lost my wallet on the way home from Dream Team yesterday T_T Please cheer me up T__T
[Chansung] Cheer up T___T

[Fan] Chansung oppa I’m waiting these days. Please help me go through it! I really miss you~
[Chansung] I don’t know what it is but you can do it ~~!!kkk

[Fan] Chansung oppa..Do you know what deviation..variance..standard deviations are.. My head’s gonna burst T_T
[Chansung] Haha … I don’t know either kk;;

[Fan] Oppa I’m really begging you for a reply….. I’ll keep it safe and hand it over to my next generations so just one………. Even just a space or a punctuation mark just anything…..
[Fan] Chansungah it’s so hard to get a reply T_______________Tk
[Chansung] Reply!!!

[Fan] Oppa then upload a selca of Jeonggamie..
[Chansung] How can Jeonggamie take a selca... kkkk

[Fan] It’s all being piled up huhT_T? T____________T Ah so sad T__T
[Chansung] Eh?

[Fan] Rawrheiuioahgoih T___T I’m gonna eat ramen and get fat
[Chansung] Hello~!~~

[Fan] Have you decided what to do for your individual stage at the concert?
[Chansung] It’s been decided kkkk Hohoho

[Fan] Chansungah don’t you think Jeonggamie is actually a wild cat?...kkkk
[Chansung] Could be a black leopard/..

[Fan] Oppa please just one reply I really feel like crying T___________________T
[Chansung] Don’t cryyyyy

[Fan] Jeonggamie looks like our baby we used to have before. Not the colour but its atmosphere
[Chansung]Ohh.. Really?kkk

[Fan] Please write foot (I think this was a typo and was meant to say: Please write informally)
[Chansung] Foot

♥2PM♥ Junho
It’s Junho shall we get started

[Fan] Are you three sharing and rotating on the computer?kk Is it Junho’s turn now?kkkkkkk
[Junho] Yes

[Fan] JunhoppaT_____________________________________T
[Junho] Yes ^^

[Fan] Oppa you have seaweed on your face handsome seaweed11
[Junho] It’s not funny~~ kk

[Fan] What does ‘to be in deep love’ mean to Junho?
[Junho] A very vivid love~~

[Fan] I went to Stay G concert G Junho oppa was awesome G
[Junho] Thanks G

[Fan] Marry me Lee Junho!
[Junho] Don’t want to

[Fan] (message has been deleted)
[Junho] That’s such an old school story kk

[Fan] Oppa Give It To Me is so good!! You really must have talent in composing~ Multi talented~kk♡
[Junho] Thank you. Look forward to the next song too k

[Fan] Do you know why Tonki’s dad died?
[Junho] Don’t wanna know it’s cruel

[Fan] Have you read “Happy Street Cat”?
[Junho] Yes I have ^^

[Fan] give it to me you’re replie!! Is my spelling correct?hh
[Junho] Don’t ask

[Fan] Do you have anything you want to eat right now??~
[Junho] Rice T_T

[Fan] Meeeeeowwwww rawwwwrrrr meeeowwww *o*
[Junho] Puahahahyahehahdjjdkaldpeupeuialngoaiksgjkalhahaahahanaanang

[Fan] Can I spam your wall T_T?
[Junho] I won’t reply if you spam

[Fan] What does same-age-Wooyoung mean to Junho?
[Junho] Chick

[Fan] Any thoughts on doing musicals???
[Junho] Someday~~!

[Fan] Is it good if a girl looks like you oppa ?...Must be good?
[Junho] It’s not necessarily good..

[Fan] (message has been deleted)
[Junho] Why do you think I made it that way

[Fan] leejunholeejunholeejunoheleejunholeejunholeejunholeejunholeejunoheujonleejunoleejunholeejunholeejonleejunho I can’t get Itnuneo kkkkkk Tell me how to do it
[Junho] Don’t do it…kk

[Fan] Oppa are you gonna do UFO lots and lots again??
[Junho] Probably!

[Fan] YO~ I have an exam in two days G~ But I’m doing this G~ I’m doomed G~ I’m doing this during my exam period so leave me a message G??
[Junho] Sigh..

[Fan] Serious Junho! Are you replying seriously?
[Junho] kk…. While eating potatoes

[Fan] Give it to me is very GOOD~
[Junho] Don’t use English

[Fan] Tell me one attractive point of Lee Junho!
[Junho] I’m curious tell me what it is k

[Fan] Chansungie says I look like Junsu oppa kk I’m a girl T_T
[Junho] Hmm..

[Fan] Can you hear me
[Junho] I can’t hear but can see

[Fan:BoboJ] ♥ Oppa~~~ I’m a Thai fan~~~ Do you wanna eat Tangmopun???kkkkkkk Come to Thailand quickly~~~ Okay? ♥
[Junho] krap~~

[Fan] A new name for my puppy
[Junho] Woofwoof

[Fan] Which Japanese food is the nicest?? hh
[Junho] Okinawa soba!! Etc

[Fan] Steamed potato? Baked potato? Fried potato?
[Junho] Fast food

[Fan] Why do you keep saying G? Is it fun/
[Junho] No not really…

[Fan] I’m learning Japanese these days!! Japanese is gud! Guess what it means~
[Junho] You mean ‘is good’

[Fan] Do you wanna go out with me when your hair is back to black?T__T??
[Junho] When it turns white naturally

[Fan] Oppa, do you know what the bakery owner goes to see at the zoo? Soboro~^^…. (so=cow, boro=to see)
[Junho] It’s so….

[Fan] My friend says your side face looks like Wooyoung.. I heard you resemble your lover when you’re in love? Ohhohoh
[Junho] Oh that’s nice

[Fan] Oppa is a fairy but you eat night snacks too?
[Junho] I’m not Fin.K.L

[Fan] Who is the best~?? Who is the best~?? Who is the best~??
[Junho] 2NE1 probably

[Fan] Junho oppaya~ Aren’t girls who use dialect cute? I’m sorta cute?
[Junho] Dialects don’t matter. BUT!! I don’t know your face

[Fan] I’m probably a seonbae to you learning Japanese?? Do well hubaenim! (seonbae=senior, hubae=junior)
[Junho] Yes Oksama Wantchu seonbaenim

[Fan] Junhoppa if I don’t spam then you won’t seem this cos it loads so fast T_T!!!!
[Junho] Saw!

[Fan] Ha.. And so my 1 hour went by like a useless person has poo’d
[Junho] I feel like eating baby octopus

[Fan] I’m Taecyeon’s girlfriend! Kkkkkk
[Junho] OK .

[Fan] Hyung !!!!!!Love you kkkkkkkkkkkk I’m a fanboy who went to Dream Team yesterday with a fanboard kkkkkkkkk
[Junho] Love should be shared with a girl

[Fan] Junhoya~ I really need 2PM…I need Lee Junho
[Junho] kkkk You must really need us..

[Fan] Junho oppa…..Oppa…….. Can you hear me?...................
[Junho] No I can see it

[Fan] Oppa I’m disappointed let’s break up~!! Heungchitbboong
[Junho] Thanks

[Fan] Oppa is a real angel.. Taec oppa Chansung oppa filtered me T.Tkk
[Junho] 3 minutes left

[Junho] 3 minutes left~~~

[Fan] What do I need to do to get a reply from oppa?
[Junho] Not sure..

[Fan] what is 2pm doing now?? Eaten???
[Junho] What
[Junho] ??

[Fan] Oppa you really can’t see mine till the end…T_T
[Junho] I can see

[Fan] I’m Park Jinyoung answer me Junho~
[Junho] No impersonations!

[Fan] Let’s make it to 1st place again this week !!!!!!
[Junho] Let’s all do it!!

[Fan] Listen to my heartbeat~ Can you hear my heart beat? You can hear it all the way there right?
[Junho] I’m not Sommers (from Bionic Woman)

[Fan] What’s the first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
[Junho] To take a deep breathe

[Junho] Was it fun everybody? I’ll see you guys again when time arises bye~~!!