[Trans] Nana’s Message in the PlayGirlz Cafe

Hello I am Nana ^^

Been a long time since I wrote comment here~~

The fans who always give us lots of support, even though the dance practices are tiring.. schedule is tiring.. body is hurting.. and feeling lonely..

We get strength♥

It has such a special significance to me^^ you know it right~~~?♥

I believe that even though I don’t say it, our fans will know my heart! Can I believe that? I believe that oyeah~♥

We are going to meet in 3 days~~~why so~~~~~~~~~~~?

Ding Dong Deng~♬ July 9th is afterschool fanmeeting~~~!!Yoohoo Yoohoo!So excited>.<

Even though I saw some of your faces at the fansign a few days ago..I am excited to see you guys again~

This time~ we prepared special After School stages that you can’t see usually!!

Please anticipate it lots~~happy?Happy!

I believe lots of you will attend~can I believe this?I believe it!!

That day we must~~meet~♥ I am looking forward and I really really miss you guys♥

Ah ah right right!!!!!!!We will be presenting good stages to everyone soon ! Until then, please anticipate it too~

Without distraction^^

So let’s call it a day now~~~~~~~~~~~~we’ll meet soon ♥ Bye Bye !

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Trans: energywenkahi