[Trans] Mir’s Cafe Message

Title : Hello!!! I’m MIR!!

Everyone ~ Hello ~ Your Cutie Maknae Mir,,, kyahahahahahahaha

Are you all well and healthy ~ ?

After comeback, we have happy life day by day ~ kekekekeke

Even though we are tired and hard, we are so happy to practice for our growth with preparing concert ~ But It is really hard,,-_- kekekeke

We, who make great efforts for showing exciting stages to you, are the JJANG(BEST), aren’t we? kekekekekekekeke

Anyway,,,There is no topic what I want to say today,,, Just I want to write something like this and that ~ kekekeke

And there will be the time that you’ll come up to your expectation even if you go athwart your purpose~ +_+

So, You don’t be too discouraged, kekeke

We just thank for all, kekekekekekekekeke

I really appreciate that you keep MBLAQ and become tonics for us until now,
and We ask for your continued support,,kkubeog(bowing his head),, kekeke

I don’t know what I’m talking about,,Hum,,, kekekeke

Anyhow, Good bye ~ +_+

P.S. Would I let my hair grow long or cut it???