SMTOWN Canada Flash Mobs were a success! #SMTOWNCANADA

Finally after months of preparation, the flashmobs for SMTOWN across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Ottawa were finally held which caught the attention of different Korean and Canadian medias.

After the successful concerts in Paris, fans from Canada were motivated to do something to see their idols too. An official \"SM Town Live in Canada\" fanpage ( and different SMTOWN flash mob pages/groups were created by fans from Toronto, Vancouver,Montreal, Winnipeg,Edmonton,Ottawa and Quebec to start the movement for SMTOWN Canada. In just 2 months, the main page attracted 2000 likes in a short period of time.

Fans from Canada have been tweeting #SMTOWNCANADA Twitter to show how much they would like SM Town Live to come to Canada for a concert. Fortunately, one of SM Entertainment\'s artists, Isak, saw the trending topic and decided to help out. She tweeted, \"Wow~~~ #smtowncanada sounds like a GREAT idea~~ I wanna go too~~~^^.\"

SMTOWN Toronto Flash Mob was held at Nathan Phillips Square on July 2 (with around 150-200 fans attended)

Shout out for Henry:

Chanting with fans:

Arirang Korea TV\'s report about the flash mob:

The flash mob was attended by approximately 250 fans and was held at Chinatown last July 2.

A mini SMTOWN flash mob was held this July 5 at Kildonan Park.

Shout out for SMTOWN:

Shout out for HENRY:

A SMTOWN mini flash mob was held outside Pacific Mall Centre last July 3 with around 25 fans attended.

Mini fanmeet for SMTOWN was held last July 3 in front of the Parliament of Canada..

Different Korean and Canadian medias also noticed the ever increasing popularity of K-Pop in Canada and made a report about the flash mobs.

SBS Korea
Video report (along with LA/NYC flash mobs)

News article:

ALLTV Canada

Also, Leeteuk of Super Junior seemed to watch the news and tweet about the LA,NYC,and Canada.

(Translation: America LA, New York (and) Canada Montreal, Toronto, I saw your flashmob demonstrations!!^^ I hope to be able to meet (with you all and) hold awesome performances there soon!!! Love you♥)

CTV Toronto (Click 6PM archive then choose Sat, July 2 then jump to 21:58)

After all the success, Canadians are still hoping that SM Entertainment will consider having a concert tour anywhere in Canada.

Written by:Mina Francisco
Many thanks to Mina Francisco for the tip!