[News]Tohoshinki, along with other K-POP groups are active in the Japanese market

On the 14th of July, Oricon (Japanese Music Chart) summed up the sales of Music Merchandise for the first half of the year 2011 which include Singles, Albums and DVD.

Representative from Oricon stated “Comparing the sales of the Music Merchandise this year to the previous year, the market has decreased in size, but in general, Japanese Idol Group AKB48 as well as Korean Idol Groups Tohoshinki, SNSD and KARA have combined together to produce a ‘catalyst’ effect. In fact, for 6 years starting from the year of 2005, the sales for singles for the first half of the year increases each year.”
The representative also added that “Actually, the sales for Music DVD set the highest sales record in the market with 349.5 billion yen.”

Tohoshinki who have obtained a high popularity in Japan, lead the Music Merchandise sales. Other artists who have obtained the top front positions for sales include SNSD who obtained the 10th position for album sales, KARA who obtained the 2nd position for Music DVD sales and 12th position for singles sales, and Jang Geun Suk who obtained the 15th position for singles sales. In addition, Korean artists are given great appraisals in regards to their music which include album and Music DVD.

The total sales for singles released by K-POP singers is 151.5%.  In addition, the album sales have set a growth record with 116.9% as well.

Due to recession in the music industry as well as the impact of the Earthquake that have occurred in Japan, even though this is the period whereby there is an instability in the music industry, the singles that are sold for the first half of the year has exceeded the sales that was obtained for the previous year.

Representative from Oricon stated that more outstanding K-POP groups will be debuting in Japan and Oricon hopes that the good result can be maintain for the next half of the year.

Source: Naver, Homin@Baidu, toho-jp (photo)
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