[News]Donghyun's Impressive Piano Skills 'Surprise',

Pet Idol' 6 member group Boyfriend's leader Donghyun's piano skills revealed and are attracting attention.

Boyfriend recently receieved lots of attention while appearing on M.net 'M!pick', Leader Donghyun gained attention for playing 'Secret' from the movie 'A Unspeakable Secret' OST during their UCC mission.

Neitzens are responding with "Atmosphere is completely different", "I wasn't expecting much but it was really cool", "Accepted as Korea's Jay Chou", "You can see a lot of talent", ''Boyfriend is completely fresh~" and "Donhyun's piano Daebak!".

On the other hand, Boyfriend reached 1st on popular search engines recently after their debut and are going through broadcasting activities as they receive a hot response.

Source: Star.fnnews
Translator: jenn`♫