[News] Yoochun Wrings Viewers’ Hearts With Tears Performance

Park Yoochun unfolded a high-end tears performance.

On the 14th episode of the MBC Mon-Tues drama Miss Ripley that aired on the 12th was portrayed Song Yoohyun’s blaming of himself after he came to know that Lee Hwa is Zhang Miri’s real mother.

Song Yoohyun came to know that in order to marry his father, Lee Hwa abandoned her child and family to marry into the Mondo Group. He suffers at the thought that because of himself Zhang Miri became an orphan.

Song Yoohyun who visits the house in which Zhang Miri used to live when young faces young Zhang Miri. He holds young Zhang Miri’s hand and cries in sorrow, saying: “How would I be able to be forgiven from Miri for all of my wrongs committed until now.”

At Song Yoohyun’s tears, young Zhang Miri comforts him, saying: “You have no faults. I am good if my mom returns. Then I can study again and go to school again and I won’t have to go back to the orphanage either. I think you are a good man.”

Song Yoohyun who stands there for some time says to himself “you had it difficult, huh” and is not able to leave easily.

The viewers who were exposed to the broadcast complimented Park Yoochun’s acting, saying: “My hurt ached at his tears performance. His acting is more and more maturing.”

At the same time, Miss Ripley reclaimed #1 spot in its time slot and established itself as a strong contender among the Monday-Tuesday dramas by unfolding a tight story in its 13th episode to record 15.9% in ratings.

Source: TVDaily
Translation Credit: JYJ3