[NEWS] Who has the best abs among Hwang Bo, Park Kahi and Krystal?

Female celebrities with abs is currently a hot topic.

Females are trying to shred their abs to complement their beautiful bodies. If you keep working on your abs, you can also show off your waist, like these celebrities who have great abs.

▶ Hwang Bo has tanned 11-shaped abs

On Junly 23, Hwang Bo posted a picture of her abs on her mini homepage, commenting, “I’m satisfied with my abs. I prefer to have 11-shaped abs rather than a 6 pack. I want to keep in shape.”

In the picture, Hwang Bo is holding weights and showing off her pierced belly button. The picture proves that she has been exercising hard. Hwang Bo is well known for her nice body. She showed off her tanned skin and toned muscles.

▶ Park Kahi has abs with zero fat

Girl group After school’s Kahi was on an MBC show and talked about her abs. Kahi said, “I’m trying to get rid of my abs but it’s not working.” The entire crew envied her.

On July 22, an online community posted a picture of Kahi. In the picture, she was showing off her abs with a leather jacket while wearing long stockings.

▶ Krystal has 11-shaped abs

f(x)’s Krystal talked about her abs when she was on an SBS show. She had to pull up her shirt while she was performing on the stage so her abs were revealed.

Krystal said, “I didn’t work out before the show so I was worried about my abs. But I could see them clearly. I think it’s because I used to stretch a lot and do sit ups and as a result I have more muscle than fat.”

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