[NEWS] Watch out tops Hanteo’s real time album sale chart

ZE:A returned with their special single album, “Exciting” last week on July 8th. In the short four days since it’s release, the group has managed to nab the number one spot on Hanteo’s real time album sales chart

ZE:A’s previous album releases unfortunately coincided with high profile incidents such as the ROKS Cheonan sinking and the devastating earthquake in Japan, both of which hindered the group’s sales as the world’s focus was shifted elsewhere. Fortunately, there were no such incidents with this latest release.

This title track, “Watch Out!” is about a shy boy struggling to confess his love and the lyrics match the sweet melody perfectly. The special single also includes “Heart for 2” and “Why?”, the latter that member Jung Heechul participated in composing and writing.

Congratulations to ZE:A for this accomplishment.
Source & Photo: Sports Chosun via Nate