[News] TEEN TOP - Shayne, "t's nice to see them supporting each other"

TEEN TOP - Shayne, confirmed as enthusiast fan. Netizen, "It's nice to see them supporting each other."

Idol group TEEN TOP and Shayne of 'Birth of a Great Star' had a conversation at Twitter, and become a hot topic among netizens.

On 1st July, Shayne speak through his personal twitter about his dedication to TEEN TOP as a fan and also left some supporting messages.

TEEN TOP said to Shayne who followed them, "We followed you back! It's touching for us to hear that you like our song 'Supa Luv'. We also heard that you're going back to Canada on 14th July. We want to sing 'Nothing Better' together with you on stage when you're back to Korea. Please look forward to our comeback." And also said thanks.

Shayne saw the tweet and replies, "Wow daebak (awesome). I know about the comeback. I'm a fan. TEEN TOP fighting." And showed a nice image of them supporting each other.

Netizens commented, "It's nice to see them supporting each other." - "I hope TEEN TOP and Shayne will be successful together." - "It's cute." - "A friendship that crossed the borderline."

Source: Xports News
Translation: dianapetrina@6TOT