[NEWS] Teen Top - Lee Seungi - SHINee behind the tittle of 'National Yunhanam'

Lee Seungi, followed by SHINee, and Teen Top as the new generation, the Endearment Syndrome continues.

Just with their first mini album's (Roman) song title, 'No More Perfume On You', Noonas hearts were instantly captivated.

Last 28th, through the Mnet Countdown, Teen Top splendidly performed their comeback stage and impressed their noonas through their lyrics and unique endearment of cuteness.

'No More Perfume On You' by the hit-maker Bang SiHyuk, came up with a unique song title as well as the expressed interesting lyrics which altogether became a hot topic to the community.

Especially quoting with the line 'Don't spray perfume, if you do so my girlfriend will find out. Don't put glitter on yourself, because you can't let it stick on my clothes', noonas and girlfriends cried in thrill and amusement of the endearing lines expressed.

Noona netizens reacted, 'Lee Seungi saying 'my noona is coming', SHINee saying 'noona is so pretty, while Teen Top's noonas burning because of fondness'; 'Listening to this song makes me go untamed for Teen Top'; 'Fondness, good at pushing and pulling. But this will be the terminator of it.'

On the other hand, on the 29th through the KBS Music Bank, Teen Top is also scheduled to stage a performance for their comeback.

source: morningnews
translated by LostBallerina@6teensontop.com