[NEWS] T-ara's Hyomin, "We really want to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome"

On the 5th at the SHIBUYA-AX Hall in Tokyo, Japan, T-ara held a press conference and revealed their ambitions and determinations for their future in Japan.

During the press-conference to introduce the premiere at Japan, in the presence of reporter, T-ara's Hyomin said: ''A leader is synonymous with having the largest burden''. Album which is released in Korea and Japan must be the best, recent image in new album roly - poly is full of our emotion."

Hyomin continued with: ''Although I am 3rd leader, all of us love each other. I recognize my leader responsibility and perform well this duty" before becoming the leader of other members, I had learned to work as an individual leader."

Hyomin added '' We have some ideas to start the promotional activities for the next album currently. As a leader operations seem to be very difficult as a leader, I will motivate every member to reach great determination."

Hyomin also revealed, "We really want to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome, so we need serious efforts in all coming activities."

Meanwhile, T-ara was performed their new song "Roly-Poly" a long with their other number one hits, "Why Are You Being Like This?", "I Go Crazy Because of You", "yayaya", and "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in this showcase. They will also release the Japanese version to "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in September of this year.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: Special One @ Diadem