[News] Super Junior occupies first spot on Taiwanese music chart for 60 consecutive weeks

Super Junior has occupied the champion position of Taiwanese music charts for 60 consecutive weeks, proving their position as the unbeatable group in Asia.

Even until this week (17th July - 23rd July), Super Junior's title song "Miinah" for their official 4th album comeback which was released last year, continued to dominate Taiwan's largest online music site KKBOX's Top 100 Korean Music charts. This is the 60th consecutive week of them being on top after obtaining the first position for the first time in June last year. They are also the first artist to have maintained in the champion position for the longest period of time in history, showing Super Junior's red hot popularity in Taiwan.

Aside from that, Super Junior has been sequentially releasing the photos of the members' new transformations through their official website (http://superjunior.smtown.com). They will also be making an impactful comeback with their all-new 5th full-length album on August 3rd, which is released by the group after a year and 2 months' gap. They will be presenting new music to the masses, and accordingly, Super Junior's fans all over the world are looking forward to the release of the new album.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NE