[News] SSD released behind-the-scenes photos of ''City Hunter'' stars hard at work

SSD released behind-the-scenes photos of “City Hunter” stars hard at work. In the photos, lead actors Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are looking into a small camcorder meticulously monitoring their every expressions, lines, and moves. Like true professionals, they make the time to perfect their crafts by replaying and re-watching their scenes despite their busy schedules. 

It’s been reported several times that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young were really close, often practicing their lines together and joking with each other when the cameras were off. Their perfect on-screen chemistry probably stems from their close off-screen relationship with each other.

A representative of the drama expressed, “Those two work extremely hard, even when the cameras are off. The cast and crew are putting in every ounce of energy and effort to make this drama the best it can be. And that’s one reason why viewers are so attracted to them and the ‘City Hunter.’

Meanwhile, “City Hunter” is performing strong and captivating viewers with every new episode. The action-packed drama secured its No. 1 spot with viewership ratings of 18.4% and 18.8% (data from AGB Nielsen) on Wednesday and Thursday. Sung Yuri’s “Romance Town” and CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa’s “Heartstrings” finished a distant second and third respectively. 

Source Via: AskActor