[NEWS] SNSD- “Fresh Look” vs. Son Dam Bi -”Sexy Look” marine look competition!

One of the popular summer fashion is stripes. The marine-look especially is the most popular trend. With the marine look, women can make various images from sexy, pure, to provocative.

Therefore, many female stars favor the marine-look. Out of many stars, we’ll look at the marine look of SNSD, and Son Dam Bi.

◆ SNSD- “Fresh look with a combination of vivid colors”

World star SNSD opened their solo concert on the 23rd, and 24th at Seoul. The number of fans that gathered that day showed just how popular SNSD is. SNSD brightened up the concert even more with their title songs. Their special outfits attracted the fans’ attention.

The outfit that stood out the most was marine-look. SNSD upgraded their marine look outfits for the song Genie. They showed their sexy abs in their new outfit. Moreover, they emphasized their long sexy legs with red hot-pants.

◆ Son Dam Bi- “Sharp look with simple designs.”

Everybody knows about Son Dam Bi’s perfect body. Her slim figure and tall height makes many women feel a sense of frustration. Her sexy legs especially, makes her suitable for any kind of clothes.

Son Dam Bi recently showed how sexy she is by wearing a marine-look outfit. Navy and white striped one piece and a white Mesh stitch pullover created a dazzling sight. She sure is the sexy queen.

Source: Sports Seoul from Nate

Credit : Korea.com