[NEWS] Pictures of ZE:A’s Dong Jun and Hwan Hee show their similar appearance: “Even their personalities are similar!”

On July 30 a collage of ZE:A’s Dong Jun and Hwan Hee was uploaded on online community gallery with the title, “They even have similar personalities.”

In the collage Dong Jun and Hwan Hee have similar facial shape, sharp nose, and thick lips. Beside their appearance, it is said that they debuted at the same age, have the same height, blood type, leisure activity, and even personality.

In fact, Hwan Hee and Dong Jun have close relationship.

Netizens comment: “I see the reason why Hwan Hee like Dong Jun so much.” “I would believe it if they are told to be twins.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A is giving performance of “Heart For 2” while Hwan Hee came out with his song “Like I’m Going To Die.”

Source: Newsen

Credit : Korea.com