[News] Park Jung Min "The filming for the first drama started with a kissing scene, very nervous"

Young! From the start of Park Jung Min’s eyes expression, the youngster who turned matured returned with his unique sense of cheerfulness, although he cannot hide his innocence.

We can still find Park Jung Min’s bright smile in the studio despite his busy overseas schedule. Cheerful and charismatic young man, He looks like an eight colour sparrow (T/N: It means beautiful) from his fashionable appearance to all aspects, everyone said that they have been mesmerized by his colourful appearance.

Jung Min recently completed filming a mobile drama ‘Love Song in August’ in Japan. He started a conversation with Sakai Miki whom acted in ‘Love letter’ from the start of filming when they began to worry about the topic of kissing scene.

‘Kissing scene started in the first filming. I felt uneasy because I have to play a one-night stand role when I do not have much communicate with the actress yet. But, because the filming started off with a love scene, so all the unnatural feeling disappeared after that and it was much easier to perform.”

In the drama, Hallyu idol will also require to act. He admitted frankly “Although I felt that the personality of the Hallyu idol should fit (the drama), however because of the national (Korean culture) relationship, I would not do that. And while acting the overreach romantic behaviour, it was a little too awkward.”

“I originally had hand sweats, but after consuming some hyperhidrosis medicine, it (hands) wouldn’t be sticky on that day. And because of the sweats, I had to apologize to the actress every time when there is a scene of skin-to-skin contact, there were many embarrassing scene!”

This is the first time he challenge a drama, he expressed his uneasiness and excitement from the beginning till the end. Especially when there is a topic on acting, he will show up his sincerity look suddenly, it feels like he is the real genius actor.

“Genius actor? This is because of a long learning process. There were much confusion during (acting) lesson. One must adjust their emotion when they are acting. Genius cannot deal with these emotions properly. Previously when I was acting in a musical, I learned how to coordinate the importance of breathing with each other and also the way of concentrating in different venue. One must naturally expressed the acting skills when they are seizing one’s heart and mind. This is the biggest training in acting”

Park Jung Min did not show off his skills. Although he doesn’t need to act much of ‘from the heart’ scene, but he revealed his belief and uses “Only when you show off your sincerity (in acting), this can be called real acting” as his motto. This is when he was acting in Musical Grease, not because of he himself was being look upon highly by others, but it was due to the coordination of the entire work, and Park Jung Min earned a successful ending (from the musical).

“It has already started. But in my opinion, apart from the professional stage, singers require the skills of acting. Thus, I started just like that. Songs are like expressing the joys and sorrows in life, so as a singer, we have to put in feeling, and then we naturally need the skill of acting. The reason why I personally wrote the lyrics (for my songs) is because I hope to sing out my feelings.”

Park Jung Min’s childhood dream is to become an actor, he already understood the fact that he needs to unleash the need of acting skills on the stage when he became an idol, so from then onwards, he officially accept the challenge of acting and declared that he aspired to become an actor daringly. And now, he also reached his ultimate goal of wanting to become an actor.

“Other people wish to become like their role models as a target. I particularly do not have a special role model. I will bring my own self-esteem to attempt; I hope I can be the dream (role model) of anyone.” He boldly hints his owns determination.

During the honey-like time with him alone, and discussed in depth about his investment in acting and as a lyricist. The reason why he can become the attention of the Asia’s new generation leader is because he is improving and updating himself consistently.

Source: bntnews
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