[Article] Olivia Hernandez: Let JYJ appear on TV

JYJ became honorary ambassadors for Jeju Island as part of its bid to become one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. JYJ started activities to promote the island and encouraged us, the fans, to vote for Jeju.

As we love JYJ so much, and we also like Korea from the bottom of our hearts, we started voting for Jeju Island in order to help Korea and make JYJ happy. We did this believing and trusting in JYJ because we know that the boys are always more than happy to help others. Spreading the love for Jeju Island was something that they did from their hearts.

We are a group of fans from Spain that truly love and follow all JYJ’s activities. Because of them we have learnt to love Korea and its wonderful people. We don’t understand how it is possible that, just four days before their appearance on the KBS special program, they have received a notification of cancellation.

We can’t just sit and wait anymore. This situation needs to stop. JYJ have been messed around once again. They have given their all, and this is what they get in return. They are not puppets, they are human beings, they are artists. And we, the fans, are also human beings, we have been teased as well.

There are two girls from Spain that were supposed to travel to Jeju Island to see JYJ performing live and give them support. Now they have just lost their dream. There were also lots of fans travelling from Japan as well. Does anybody from KBS care about this? We feel very disappointed. JYJ doesn’t deserve this kind of disrespectful treatment, neither do we the fans. We are complaining about being used this way, we feel cheated. It’s not right to use JYJ, or any other artist, to get what you need from them, and then just cast them aside.

Please, show to the world that South Korea is a great nation and let JYJ appear on TV. Stop blocking them! This shouldn’t even happen.

By Olivia Hernandez

Olivia Hernandez is a JYJ fan in Spain. A woman in her 30s, she works for a travel agency. She has been to Korea three times and JYJ concerts five times. ― Ed.

Source: Koreaherald.com