[News] "Miss. Ripley" Lee Da-hae leaves prison, happy ending

It was eventually a happy ending.

On the final episode of MBC drama "Miss. Ripley", Jang Mi-ri (Lee Da-hae) had to go to prison for the charges of faking her degree.

A year later, Jang Mi-ri was released. She was to go overseas to live with her mother Lee Hwa (Choi Myeong-gil) but Jang decided to stay. She forgave her mother through a letter saying, "I want to live here atoning for the difficult but shameful life past I lived. Like you said you will come back if I held on to this necklace, you really came back. I love you".

Jang Mi-ri stayed and lived in Korea. She started over cheerfully. Song Yoo-hyeon recollected Jang Mi-ri and started child welfare business. Through a monologue he said, "I met her one day. I could recognize her at first glance. She looks like the mother she parted with a long time ago. She gave happiness to the world. She was like my heart. I loved her. I really loved her".

Lee Hwa enjoyed voluntary work with her husband Song In-soo (Jang Yong) and made a happy face.

Jang Myeong-hoon (Kim Seung-woo) opened a small hospital and attended to the elderly. Moon Hee-joo had succeeded as an architect.

Jang Mi-ri and Song Yoo-hyeon's reunion never happened. They stared at a sign saying "The greatest love of all of loving yourself" together. Song Yoo-hyeon would've thought of Jang Mi-ri and she would've thought of him. However, they didn't meet and passed by each other. It was a happy ending.

Source: NATE

Translated by Hanicnema.net