[NEWS] Members Learning Chinese, Hoping the Fans to Not Change Their Hearts

South Korea's first pretty boy band FT Island happily celebrated their 4th year anniversary since debut on 6/7, Lee Hongki tweeted thanking their fans for supporting them the whole time; Taiwanese fans created a celebrative video clip, Hongki sees it that they are very thoughtful! FT Island latest Korean mini album RETURN was released on 6/24 in Taiwan, the First Deluxe Limited Edition CD+idol magnet message board, exclusive Taiwan Limited Edition CD+DVD, both Taiwan versions releases worldwide! Recently the members filmed a video clip greeting the Taiwanese fans, showing off their hardworked Chinese. Hongki worried that they might be forgotten since it has been for a half year that they haven't seen the fans, urging the fans to not change their hearts! Going to Japan to release their album added 2 new records on Oricon daily chart, No. 1 popularity roll!!

It has been exactly 4 years since debut for FT Island on 6/7, lead singer Hongki hurriedly twetted: "Finally, today is the day for the 4th year anniversary, many things have happened since debut, along the way we have encounted many obstacles, we must become stronger afterwards. Must thank our Primadonnas who have been staying with us all this time, I hope we can stay together forever." Taiwanese fans also created a congratulatory video clip, leaving a message to ask the members to watch. Hongki was moved and also retweeted the video, letting more people to see. Taiwanese fans are very happy that the members were able to watch the hardworked video clip.

Departing for half a year, FT Island has finally released their latest Korean mini album RETURN, in order to repay the enthusiastic support of the fans in Taiwan, they specially consented the Taiwanese entertainment company to release the two versions, Taiwan Deluxe Limited Edition CD+ idol magnet message board, and exclusive Limited Edition CD+DVD. The limited edition idol magnet message board was exquisite and practical, even their Korean agency also praised it. The DVD is a collection of the behind the scenes of the members working that has never been revealed. On the same day, pre-orders begin in Taiwan, officially released on 6/24 in Taiwan. FT Island's good relations with other people can be seen on their Twitter. When they were promoting their hit song HELLO HELLO and their album RETURN was released in Korea, Super Junior's Heechul, Park Shin Hye, H.O.T's Tony Ahn, and Beast's Lee Kikwang and Yong Junhyung immediately tweeted congratulatory messages. We can see their friendships by seeing how they help promote their songs.

FT Island is not only popular in Taiwan, but is also rising popularity throughout Asia. The five boys spent 2 days to help the media in Asia to record about 50 new greeting video clips. In one of the video clips for Taiwanese fans, the members spoke Chinese, and Seunghyun nearly spoke about 30 Chinese characters in one breath, showing their results of hard training. Hongki revealed that the members are currently learning Chinese, and also kept asking the Taiwanese fans to not change their hearts, hoping to quickly get together in Taiwan again.

Recently FT Island released their first mainstream album FIVE TREASURE ISLAND in Japan. The first week of release, it was first place on Oricon daily chart with 37,000 copies solde, changing Oricon daily chart for the first time in 42 years where a foreign male group topped number one on the Oricon daily chart, and it's the first time in history where Korean artists/groups received number 1 on the chart for 2 consecutive weeks. (Last weeks was Big Bang)! Although the 5 members are young, they set new records on the Oricon chart, and they happily said, "It's unbelieveable! We thank our fans for the support. In order to perform better in the future, we will work harder!"

Source: FTISLAND x Yahoo!
Translation: jennijenjen9 @ Silh0uette