[News] MBC Star Audition Season 2 in LA!

Auditions to be held at the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel on July 16, 2011

Los Angeles, CA, 6/30/11 ‐ MBC is proud to present the 2nd season of "MBC Star Audition", Korea's celebrated singing competition show. Contestants will be picked from all over the globe to compete for a cash prize and a chance to debut as a pop singer in Korea.

Contestants who pass the initial audition phase will be flown to Korea in mid‐August to compete against other finalists for the grand prize, and an opportunity to become an international singing sensation.

Finalists who travel to Korea will receive mentoring from notable Korean pop celebrities – last season, singers such as Tae Won Kim (of Boohwal), Seung Hun Shin, and Yoon‐Ah Kim (of Jaurim) participated in the mentoring process.

The auditions are open to anyone, with no age, gender, or ethnicity requirements – the only prerequisite is that contestants should be able to sing at least one song in Korean. Fluency in Korean is not necessary, however.

David Oh, Tae Kwon Lee, and Hee Joo Chung, 3 of last season's finalists, will be flying to Los Angeles for the auditions – fans of the show will be able to meet them and possibly hear them sing.

On‐line applications are available at MBC's website:


The deadline for application is July 15, 2011 – however, walk‐in applicants on the day of auditions are welcome as well.

For more information, please call (310) 243‐6930, or visit:


Source : www.imbc.com/broad/tv...