[News] Lee Minho's Various Looks In City Hunter Had The Viewers Mesmerize!

Lee Min-ho from "City Hunter" has the viewers mesmerized in his various 'look's.

Currently on the throne for Wednesday and Thursday dramas, Lee Min-ho is in the SBS drama "City Hunter" and showing various images that have the viewers supporting like crazy as it is spreading out story after story full of tension and unexpectedness.

It is quite impossible for Lee Min-ho to express much with half his face covered in masks to hide his true identity as the City Hunter. However, his wide open eyes allow him to express the right feeling for the right scenes.

Meanwhile, "City Hunter" which is at its climax revolves around a plan to punish 5 people who betrayed their fellow soldiers and the conflict between Yoon-seong, Jin-pyo and Young-joo is adding more to the interest.

"City Hunter" is aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55PM.