[NEWS] "Leaving to Japan" for Love-1 Festival & The BOSS' Airport fashion 'Youthful vs Chic

[LOVE-1 FESTIVAL] "Leaving to Japan" The BOSS' Airport fashion 'Youthful vs Chic'

The nations idol singers, as well as The BOSS departed to Japan for the opening K-POP 'LOVE-1 FESTIVAL'.

At 8 a.m on July 29th, The BOSS, Supreme Team's Simon D, Rainbow and Supernova were seen at Gimpo Airport to attend the event. For flight, the members were dressed in comfortable t-shirts, skinny jeans and baggy pants. The members contradictory fashion received attention, especially the members who expressed their youthful fashion by matching items including colorful bags and hats and the other members with a monotone chic set up.

The 'LOVE-1 FESTIVAL' is to be held at Chiba Boat Park, a special outdoor venue in the Tokyo FM and Inter FM, co-hosted by Japan Tourism Board and sponsored by Asahi Television.

Those scheduled to attend and perform include Solo singer Kim Hyunjoong, Popular Duo Supreme Team, and girl groups Kara, 4minute, rainbow and F.T Island, MBLAQ, Supernova, Infinite and The BOSS as a total of 12 teams.

Source: btnews + nate
Translator: jenn`♫ @AstroMAFIA.com