[NEWS] Korean Music Wave 2011 hits Singapore’s shores

"It's nice to be back in Singapore," the five lads declared.

The most anticipated K-Pop concert of the year saw a strong attendance yesterday

Text: Joelle Chong

It might have been a rainy night, but the rain did not once dampen the spirits and passion of fans, who turned up for one of the biggest K-Pop event of the year.

Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the one-night only Korean Music Wave 2011 not only featured 10 bands, but also had Kevin (from U-KISS) and Min (from miss A) as emcees of the night.

"Are you ready for the hottest K-Pop stars?" Kevin and Min teased at the beginning of the concert. The crowd screamed enthusiastically in reply, as the lights dimmed.

First to perform was Korean rock quintet F.T. Island, who had everyone on their feet, as they opened the concert with 'Love Love Love'. Minutes later, the band had everyone singing along to their latest hits 'Hello Hello', 'Bing Bing Bing' and 'I Hope'.

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Known for his powerful voice, lead vocalist Hongki delivered his performances flawlessly.

Jae Jin, who plays the bass, also had singing and rapping parts.

F.T. Island recently launched a full-length album in Japan. Commenting on their success there, the group said that "it felt great".

F.T. Island also hoped to return to Singapore soon!

Source: xinmsn
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