[News] Junsu’s 3-Step Transformation Eliciting Interest on Online Community

Stars who looked slightly country-bumpkin emit the atmosphere of the sophisticated star as time passes. It is said to be thanks to the “camera’s massage.” In an online community bulletin recently was posted a writing and photos with the title of “Idol. Regular person – Good Looking – Celebrity Transformation Story” and is gathering attention.

In the post, there are photos of before debut or at the beginning of their careers, and photos that emit the aura of a good-looking man, and a recent photo with the strong aura of a celebrity, and are displayed as 3-stepped transformation, eliciting laughter.

In the photo, there is Kim Junsu who debuted ad group TVXQ and is working as JYJ (…) among others.

At this netizens are responding: “Sometimes you can meet them as a “regular person” in airports.” “There is the aura of the celebrity that cannot be hidden even in the “regular person” photo. “There are stars that have transformed a lot and some who are about the same across the photos.”

(Parts unrelated to Junsu omitted)

Source: Money Today
Translation Credit: JYJ3