[NEWS] Japanese actress Ito Ayumi appears on Chi Chi’s music video Longer!

The main character, Japanese actress Ito Ayumi, in the music video Longer of the girl group Chi-Chi is attracting public attention.

Ito Ayumi played her part enthusiastically in the sentimental music video. The movie is about the agony of parting, and Ayumi attracted the netizens not only with her outstanding act, but with her gorgeous appearance, which resembled that of actress Lee Mi Yeon.

Netizens commented, “Is she really Japanese? I thought that she was Lee Mi Yeon.” “Ito Ayumi is an award-winning actress!” “Asada Mao vs. Ito Ayumi… who resembles Lee Mi Yeon the most?” “I really thought that Lee Mi Yeon filmed the music video.”

The representative of Ito Ayumi said, “She particularly paid attention to Korean Wave, and gladly accepted the offer to appear in the music video of the girl group Chi-Chi. The music video Longer is a big news even in Japan because Ito Ayumi appeared in it. I think it will act as a plus because Chi-Chi is preparing to enter the Japanese music industry.”

Ito Ayumi is one of the top class actress who debuted 18 years ago, and was the subject of many awards. Not only that, she filmed many movies broadening her working area.

Meanwhile, Chi-Chi who came back with their second digital single Longer on the 21st, is attracting many fan’s attention.

Source: Sports Khan from Naver

Credit : Korea.com