[News] Jaejoong and Junsu To Become Neighbors

YJ’s Kim Jaejoog and Kim Junsu have become neighbors of a luxury residential complex.

Kim Junsu moved in last month into the “B” Residential Complex of Seoul’s Samsungdong. Kim Jaejoong also is planned to move in next month into a penthouse of the same residential complex. A construction of the interior is underway in anticipation of Jaejoong’s move-in. In this residential complex, already Lee Hyori, Lee Seungki, Kim Yongman and such stars are living and so it has come to become a “Star Town.”

The penthouse into which Kim Jaejoong will move in is 297.5 square meters and will come with a terrace. It is a high-end luxury residence that has a sales price reaching 3 billion KRW (T/N: approximately 3 million USD). An affiliate relayed: “With the proceeds from working as a part of JYJ, he has prepared (T/N: come to live in) the house. Kim Junsu moved into the house first and it seems that from that Jaejoong has come to be interested. Kim Junsu and Jaejoong already spend almost every day together but it seems that after Jaejoong moves in they will be even more together. This is the first time that Jaejoong has come to have a house in his own name and so he is putting special attention to its interior also.”

The other member Park Yoochun is living in a luxury villa in Seoul’s Hannamdong.

Source: Jongang
Translated by: JYJ3
Shared by: DBSKnights