[News] Infinite's Sungjong ''I Know G.NA’s Body Size''

Infinite member, Sungjong, gave a surprise confession that he knows G.NA’s body size.

The format of the show for ‘Life or Death Situation 1%’ aired on E Channel, the entertainment channel affiliated with T.CAST, is the six members: Ji Sangryul, Kim Changryul, Go Youngwook, Park Hwisoon, Kim Yongpyo, and Sungjong, solving quizzes.

On this day’s recording, MC Kim Gukjin asked “A singer with the height of 168 cm, weighs 47 kg and is a D-cup, which differs from her slim body.” As soon as he was finished, the youngest Sungjong, quickly yelled, ‘G.NA’, almost at the same time and showed full confidence.

The other members started doubting Sungjong after he answered it correctly and said, “How do you know G.NA’s body age when you’re this young?” To this, Sungjong answered, “I know because she’s a noona I’m friends with.”

Meawhile, Go Youngwook, who was making a loveline with Sungjong through his straightforward affectionate actions since the first recording, frankly expressed his interest in Sungjong through the corner where they talked about their inner feelings. Go Youngwook caused the set to burst into laughter after saying, “I feel affection for Sungjong’s looks that are prettier than a girl group’s” And, “Call me oppa from now on.” This airs on the 21st at 11 PM.

Source cr: My Daily and Infinite Updates
Translator cr: hyejin, emilie, jihye, & jiwon @ Infinite Updates