[NEWS] Han Seung Yeon of Kara turned on her charms as the new MC of Animal Farm!

In the episode of Animal Farm which aired on the 31st, Han Seung Yeon first appeared on the show.

She opened up the show by saying, “Hello everyone. This is Han Seong Yeon, the new MC of Animal Farm.” and proceeded the whole show in a friendly atmosphere.

Shin Dong Yeop said, “You are so charming. I think you have the most charms among all the girl group members.”

Han Seung Yeon responded shyly, “Don’t say that~”

This is the first time Han Seong Yeon became the MC of an entertainment show, and she is known to have special affection for animals. In this episode, she attracted attention by participating in the cat rescue operation.

Source: Osen from Naver

Credit : Korea.com