[News] “Good-looking guys must be good at ‘smiling with their eyes’?”: Park Yoo Chun and Lee Min Ho prove it

Recently, a picture of actor Lee Min Ho and JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun smiling with their eyes is uploaded on an online community photo gallery, making female fans’ hearts flutter.

Their smiles are known as best smiles. In SBS’s drama series City Hunter, Lee Min Ho often expresses apathetic faces while playing Yun Seong; however, he smiles brightly with his eyes almost closely when the camera is not running.

On the other hand, Park Yoo Chun, who plays Song Yu-hyeon in MBC’s drama series Miss Ripley, also features a cute smile with his eyes in a formal suit.

Netizens comment: “I guess good-looking guys must be good at smiling with their eyes.” “Their smile…. Oh my gosh.” “They are charismatic and cute.” “They are really attractive.”

Source Nate

Translated by Hanna@ KOREA.COM