[NEWS] FTIsland’s Japan Concert Tickets Sold Out Within 12 Minutes

Tickets for FTIsland’s final Budoukan concert in Japan were sold out within 12 minutes.

FTIsland has started their Japan tour ’2011 SUMMER TOUR Messenger’ on 29 June 2011. Tickets for their final Budoukan concert were open for public sale on 2 July and were all sold out within 12 minutes.

This is a result of FTIsland’s success as a band, as well as the widening of their fanbase in Japan, ever since they first crossed over to the Japan music industry 4 years ago with Indie music.

FNC Music Japan commented that, “With FTIsland getting first on the Oricon weekly chart, the band has been receiving lots of love from their Japanese fans. The members were all happy to learn that tickets for their Budoukan concert were sold out within 12 minutes.”

On the other hand, FTIsland will be holding concerts in Korea, titled ‘PLAY FTISLAND’ on 20 and 21 next month.

Credit: Newsen + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)