[News] Eight Korean ‘idol’ groups are selected to advertise Korean culture

On the 18th, representatives of Core Contents Media said, “We have named eight Korean ‘idol’ groups including Kara, T-ara, Cho Shin Sei, and FT Island honorary ambassadors for Korean food culture. They will introduce excellence of Korean culture as well as Korean tourist attractions on TV.”

According to Core Contents Media, eight ‘idol’ groups will do the program, Le Grand ‘Idol’ Chef, to advertise Korean food and tourist attractions in order to contribute in globalizing Korean culture.

In addition, ‘idol’ singers will narrate the show and try to cook Korean food on their own, revealing their different aspects from the stage.

Le Grand ‘Idol’ Chef is directed by president of Core Contents Media and is expected to be exported in various countries worldwide.

Source Nate

Translated by Hanna @ KOREA.COM