[News] Did Kim Hee Chul organize a date for Jun Hyung and Goo Hara?

On July 18 Super Junior’s Kim Hee Chul tweeted, “I’m having great time with my friend Jun Hyung in a while. I heard some stupid rumors recently. Well, I don’t have enough time to arrange a date for someone and I feel sorry for my fans to let them hear such a rumor.”

Through this posting, Kim expressed his feelings about the rumor which says Kim has arranged a date for Jun Hyung and Goo Hara. Kim Hee Chul and Jun Hyung are known to be best friends in the world of singers.

Kim Hee Chul retweeted to his posting, “If I stay quiet, things tend to get even wilder. Some netizens even write a fiction story about it. I hear weird things even if I don’t get on Internet. It’s pretty sad for Jun Hyung, his fans, me and for my fans.”

Source Nate

Translated by Hanna @ KOREA.COM