[NEWS] Crisis of ZE:A Dongjun's vocal cords

Member Kim Dongjun of group ZE:A has been in an emergency situation for his vocal cords.

According to his agency Star Empire, Kim Dongjun felt weird in his throat, hence he went to the hospital for a checkup. He has been diagnosed with formation of blood on his vocal cord tissues, and if it worsens, it will lead to vocal cord nodules.

The condition of his throat has been brought around by promotions for title song 'Watch Out' for ZE:A's latest special single 'Exciting', and endless practice.

Star Empire's representative explained, "Kim Dongjun is extremely competitive and refuses to stop practicing until he's satisfied with himself. Especially with this round of album promotions, he wants to prove his capabilities as a vocalist of ZE:A to the public, and has been practicing for endless hours everyday."

He said, "Kim Dongjun has many vocal parts in 'Watch Out', to the point that he cannot leave them to another member. Hence, in order to sing without causing additional strain on his vocal cords, he has been taking vocal training."

Source: Edaily
Translations Credit: skipfire @ Empire Children
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