[News] City Hunter's actors expressed their feelings about the ending of the drama

SBS’s City Hunter will end with its twentieth episode on the 28th.  Viewers are paying a lot of attention to the ending.

The actors of the drama expressed their feelings about the ending of the series through blogs, Me2day, and SNS. Park Min Young tweeted, “Bye bye Na Na.  Thank you all for cheering me on, and thank you City Hunter crew!” Park Min Young played the role of Na Na in City Hunter.

Lee Jun Hyeok who died before the last episode said, “I am reminded of the day that I first got the script.  I didn’t think of anything else but to act as Kim Young Joo in City Hunter.” Moreover, Lee Jun Hyeok expressed his affection for City Hunter by saying, “City Hunter gave me a chance to solidify my determination as an actor.”

Also, the president’s daughter Choe Da Hae (Goo Hara) tweeted, “I just had City Hunter‘s last shooting… I’m so sad it’s already over.”  Ko Ki Jun (Lee Kwang Soo) expressed his appreciation by saying, “Thank you all for loving City Hunter so much~♡”

Meanwhile, the production crew announced a reversal ending, which aroused many viewers’ curiosity.

Source: TvReport from Nate
Credits: Korea.com