[News] C-JeS Expresses Stand On Cancellation of JYJ’s Broadcast Appearance

On 17 July, C-Jes Entertainment released a notice regarding their stand on the cancellation of JYJ’s broadcast appearance in the TV special 'Jeju Island- The World's 7 Natural Landscapes” through their official website.

“ Hello, this is CJeS-Entertainment.

We are expressing our stand with regards to the organizer’s cancellation of JYJ’s broadcast appearance on the TV special 'Jeju Island- The World's 7 Natural Landscapes” to be broadcasted by KBS.

We received a call from the Jeju Provincial Government in request for JYJ to be ambassadors for the upcoming candidacy for Jeju island to be part of the world’s 7 natural landscapes in mid April.

Thereafter, we received an official notice regarding JYJ to become the promoting ambassadors, as well as the reasons for why they were chosen on 26 April.

When we had received related information about the appointment ceremony, as well as reports on the announcement of chosen ambassadors, we had rejected the offer as the timing of the appointment ceremony clashed with JYJ’s world tour concerts.

However, as the Jeju Provincial Government were already preparing for the TV special in July, and will then proceed with the appointment ceremony, time was pressing for promotions, hence, they suggested JYJ to go with the plans; JYJ, being Korean artistes, and also representing their country, played an equally important role as to promoting Jeju island as one of the world’s 7 natural landscapes. Hence, they accepted this offer of being ambassadors out of responsibility.

The Jeju Provincial Government released press releases regarding the chosen ambassadors on 4 May, and promotional activities officially started.

At that point of time, JYJ, with their identity of being ambassadors for this candidacy, did promotions actively, appealing for all to vote through phone and the internet, even though they were also busy with their world tour.

In addition, we received an email from Jeju island in May, stating that the response was great due to JYJ’s active promotion, and that they were very thankful. Also, JYJ will be performing 2 songs in Jeju Island during the TV special, which was to be broadcasted on 20 July. They would also officially become ambassadors.

However, 4 days before the performance, which was 16 July, Saturday, we received a cancellation notice, with the reason, “If JYJ performs, the broadcast would not be able to proceed”; it was a notice without a proper reason.

Regarding the information about Jeju Provincial Government expressing their apologies to JYJ; we have only received such a notice, we have not received any explanation of the cancellation of their performance, let alone any apology from them.

We feel that the broadcast station holds the absolute power on deciding who to perform in the TV special. However, JYJ are the official ambassadors and have been doing promotional activities for 3 months. We request Jeju island and KBS to express their stands regarding this cancellation on their side.

At the same time, we will be filing a report with the Fair Trade Commision with regards to the issue of the organizer cancelling the performance just 4 days before without prior discussion with our C-JeS artistes. JYJ had been active in promotion activities, and had been preparing for their performance in the TV special. Hence, we will be taking legal proceedings with regards to this issue of fraud; cancelling on artistes after making use of them to do promotions.

Lastly, with regards to the law dispute with JYJ’s previous agency, it is due to unfair contract which led to a civil lawsuit. This is just a rare case of artistes going against unfair lifelong contracts, it is not of the intention to spur social discussions or morals.

The verdict had stated that JYJ was free to go into solo activities as artistes.

Most of all, we would like to apologise to affected JYJ fans that are not being able to understand such an outcome. JYJ will continue to promote Jeju island with their identity as citizens of Korea, and their promotions will not have anything to do with this issue.

Thank you.”

Source: [baidutvxq] and [CJeShomepage]
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