[NEWS] Big Bang's Interview on iWeekly Magazine Singapore!

Right after they entered the rest area at the backstage, the 4 boys greeted us very politely with their gentleman looks. Even though they are from a very popular group, they are friendly. It was such a nice surprise to us.

Wearing a pair of thick glasses with a cool hairstyle, T.O.P looked masculine, like always. Leader G-Dragon, who had a pageboy look, transformed from a cool guy into a smiling ambassador with his tiny child-like face that resembled a little prince. Taeyang was wearing his shades, as usual, which made him look fierce at first glance, but his smiles were actually as bright as the sun and he was very playful. Seungri? He transformed into this sad prince who did not speak much.

On their music career
When the interview started, they all spoke very politely, but when we started talking about their music, they got a little serious. From their debut, BIGBANG's music style has evolved from hip-hop to electronica. We asked them what's the next thing they want to try. G-Dragon replied, "Actually, we haven't set any boundaries on our music. It's always good to keep on trying new stuff and not limit ourselves to specific genres."

When we mentioned about how Hallyu is sweeping the world now, T.O.P gave a serious response, "It is an honor to to be able to contribute to the Korean wave and I feel that it's my responsibility to do so. I'm thankful to everyone who loves Korean music."

Having renewed their contracts with YG for another 5 years, we asked them what to expect in the next coming years. The 4 boys looked at each other and laughed and Taeyang, who replied in English said, "We have to enlist in the army." The other members pulled long faces after hearing this and agreed saying, "Yes, all of us have to enlist. It is inevitable."

How about their advancement to the American market? G-Dragon, who has a good grasp in English, answered without waiting for the translator. He said, "Actually, we don't have a fixed plan on which markets to go into but we will go where there are people who want to watch us. Each country has their own excellent artists and it would be great to collaborate with them and produce awesome work."

The secret that cannot be be told
They have been crowned as "fashionistas" from their debut. All of them show a strong interest in fashion but even as a group, they are still able to to present their own colors. T.O.P told us, "Since we focus on group activities, we have to be united in style too."

This got us curious if they sometimes fight and disagree about their own styles. G-Dragon, BIGBANG's fashionista leader, shook his head quickly and said with a smile, "Noooo..."

Some VIPs may not know but even with their charming fashionista looks, these guys are actually very hilarious. From their parodies of dramas like "The Coffee Prince" and "Secret Garden", they showed us how they can also bring many laughters. So, who's the real comedy king in BIGBANG? G-Dragon and T.O.P said in unison, "We are all funny!"

Being acknowledged as the good actor from the group, we asked T.O.P if he has plans on taking up roles in dramas. T.O.P answered, "Uh... I am reading some scripts right now and if I find something interesting, I will consider taking up a role. In fact, there are some plans undergoing now."

What kind of dramas and characters? He said, with a furtive expression, "This is... a... secret."

So, we asked the other members if they also want to try acting. Taeyang, unexpectedly said, "This is... a... secret", imitating T.O.P. Maybe he noticed our expressions so he added, "If there are good dramas, why not?"

Then, we talked about music again. We heard that they are currently busy preparing for their solo albums and that whoever finishes first, gets to release an album first. Taeyang guilefully told us, "We are preparing a lot of things. Progress? It is difficult to say on what stage we are exactly right now because we are updating every second! So... it is a SECRET!"

Let's be friends
We knew we weren't going to get any groundbreaking information from them so we just asked a traditional final question, "What are you planning to do next?" The replies we got were a bit sentimental.

Taeyang answered seriously without smiling, "We cannot make any concrete plans right now. We are facing a difficult situation and what I can only hope is we can be able to overcome this soon."

G-Dragon, showing his charm as a leader, answered in a light tone, "You probably know that we can only perform with 4 people right now. I sincerely hope that when we come to Singapore next time, there will be 5 people going together."

The atmosphere turned a bit serious so we depended on Seungri, the naughty maknae, to lift up the mood. We talked about why the members always say on variety shows that he has the most number of celebrity contacts. We asked him what's his secret in making lots of friends, which made the other members burst into laughters.

While Seungri was thinking hard of his answer, Taeyang said, "If you want, you can be his friend too!" Seeing Seungri embarrassed, G-Dragon pressed on it further saying, "Yes! Yes! You can be his friend too!" Getting encouraged by G-Dragon and Taeyang, we asked Seungri, "Do you want to have our numbers too?"

It is rare to see the "public speaker" maknae of BIGBANG look embarrassed. The older members looked very satisfied with their teasing and were laughing their heads off. Seungri did not know how to respond right away so Taeyang helped him, "Just be honest. Keep it real (in English). He is really an active, extroverted boy."

So is he saying that he really is the PR guy of the group? Taeyang smiling brightly said, "Yes, that's right! He is genius in making friends." After hearing this, Seungri suddenly murmured, "An open mind is the secret in making friends." He looked a bit proud when he said this.

After all, this is his true color so not matter how he tries to be not hilarious, he is still the funniest and we can say that he was able to gain his final "VICTORY".

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CREDIT : Rice @ bigbangupdates.com