[News] Bada and Kara’s Park Gyuri is double-casted for musical Pounds Beauty

Pounds Beauty, one of the most anticipated musicals this year, double- casted Bada and Kara’s Park Gyuri as its lead actors. Bada, well known as a great singer, has proved herself by winning several prizes for musical actresses; Park, one of the members of Kara, has developed her acting career from a young age.

Pounds Beauty, based on the script of the hit movie of the same title, features a fat, ugly woman with an amazing singing ability. Her unattractive appearance has made her live as a stand-in singer, but one day she’s determined to transform her look by taking a plastic surgery for her entire body.

This musical is planning to set on an Asia tour, starting a performance in Osakain October before opening it in Seoulin November and then in Chinaand Singaporenext year.

Source: Newsen

Translated by minongzi@KOREA.COM