[NEWS] Are the "Be Mine" Posters on Seoul's busy streets Infinite's Comeback Spoiler?

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Curiosity about mysterious posters that were put up all over Seoul is spreading.

White posters with "Be Mine, ok?" written in black are catching people's eyes around Hongdae, Sinchon and Jongro.

Everyone who has seen the unexplained "Be Mine" posters had their own opinion about their meaning, but one netizen is becoming a topic of conversation.

This netizen said, "The poster was at a bus stop.. it looks like Myungsoo's handwriting.. What is it.. Is it the title? What the heck??" and uploaded a picture of Infinite member L's handwriting.

Fans are guessing it is a spoiler for Infinite's comeback after agreeing that it looks like L/Myungsoo's handwriting.

Netizens who saw the photo said, "Oh! I'm curious!" "Just seeing the handwriting makes my heart race," "Is it really a spoiler? If not, you fooled me," and "Somebody please hurry and explain it."

Meanwhile, Infinite is holding their first Japanese showcase in Osaka on July 17th and will release their first full length album on the 21st.