[NEWS] After School's U-ie is Expected to Resign from ‘Night After Night’ in July

U-ie’s position as an MC on the show ‘Night After Night’ will most likely come to an end.
U-ie has been an MC on the show since November of 2010 and has been a great asset due to her popularity and entertaining charms. An official from ‘Night After Night’ released a statement detailing how busy U-ie was due to her commitments to the show along with After School’s activities. Also, U-ie will be starring in the upcoming drama ‘Golden Pond’ which is sure to take up even more of her time. The official also mentioned that even without U-ie leaving the shows format was due to naturally change at some point.
Hopefully after U-ie’s drama starts she can appear on ‘Night After Night’ as a guest. It would be interesting to see her interact with her old co-hosts as a guest insead of an MC :P

Source: enews24 + AsFan
Blurb: AfterSchoolDaze.wp.com