[News] Daesung, the Most Discussed Person on the Internet in June

Whose news attracted the most attention in June?

SK Marketing and Company's online research platform 'Trillion' (www.trillionpanel.com) has revealed June's most searched person on their portal. There were a total of 6,782 adult males and females who have participated in the research and the result was announced on 5th.

The person who attracted most attention in June was Big Bang's Daesung (Kang Daesung, 22). 38.5% of the surveyed people chose him.

Chaseungwon of the recent popular drama of MBC TV 'The Greatest Love' has gained 14.1% votes and Imjaebeom who wore a Nazi uniform in his national tour has got 14.1 % of the total votes too.

Another person who caught attention is the ex-boyfriend of a trot group('Iris')'s member since he stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death. (10% of votes, ranks 4th place). The 5th place is taken up by Gi Meonjin (7.1%) who joined the protest against Hanji Heavy Industries and Construction Aerial.

Gong Hyonjin (3.3%) who took up the role of 'Gua Ejeong' has captured the 6th place. It is true that the drama 'The Greatest Love' is popular since Gong Hyonjin and Chaseungwon both rank high in this survey.

In terms of age, people from 10s to 20s have shown relatively more interest in the issue of 'Big Bang' 's Daesung. Imjaebeom and Gimyeojin are mostly the concerns of people in their 30s and 40s. Particularly speaking, the people who showed interest to Daesung's news and the age of the groups are inversely proportional. (i.e. the younger the age groups, the more interest has been shown to the news.)

A total of 6895 people have participated in the survey and they were also what news they searched most in June. 'Daesung' fatal traffic accident' topped the list.(22%). It is found that more interest towards the accident is shown among women.

(omitted the survey result of this month)

Source: Newsis via Dlitelover @twitter
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
Credit: bigbangkorea @ tumblr