[NEWS] 2PM, Burning competitiveness... First broadcast of '2PM Show' on the 9th


Group 2PM will communicate with the viewers through the first broadcast of <2PM Show> on the 9th.
SBS E!TV <2PM Show> is a program where the 2PM members will be challenging unique missions. Through the variety program named after them, 2PM are expected to shed off their existing images and show completely new and fresh sides.
In the first shooting, because the viewers requested "We want to see competitiveness", 2PM tried to challenge various world records.
The first shooting proceeded with the goal of breaking the records of acrobatic human pyramid building, longest time turning a iron hula hoop, fastest at eating lemons, etc as recorded in the Archives of Korea.
Additionally, every week, one member will be chosen to lead as the main MC. To start, the 2PM members played mini ping pong in order to fight to become the main MC. There have been many rumours of high anticipation.
2PM will be challenging to become entertainers through the first episode of cable channel's SBS Plus <2PM Show> on the 9th at 11 PM.

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