[NEWS] 2AM Changmin “Rather than fastballs I want to become a singer that throws breaking balls”, 2AM (Changmin)

“In “Immortal Song 2”, if you only clung to scores, which is like only throwing fastballs, if you continuously only throw fastballs you’ll slow down and feel like you can’t be fast anymore. Even in real baseball, if you only throw fastballs, hitters will become used to it and be able to hit you. To throw breaking balls enough so that hitters can’t hit, having that kind of diversity, I want to become a singer like that.”

Changmin is the lead vocal from 2AM, a group which has received a lot of attention from people, with sensitivity unanswered by idols and which reverberates deeply regardless of generation. His charm, which everyone agrees with, has increasingly dazzled on the show ‘Immortal Song 2’. He’s showing his confidence to the world not as a member of 2AM but as Changmin.

“Without a doubt going up on stage is more nerve wracking. The night before I always can’t sleep. I go all in for a whole week for one performance and in that amount of time mastering a new song isn’t easy. Every time I go on stage I’m really nervous and I keep thinking all kinds of thoughts. I think I should do well, and I also wonder how much recognition a song I arranged myself would get. In an arranged song you discuss thing with the composer and give ideas for the arrangement. Even the wardrobe for the performance needed to be discussed with the stylists and until the session I had to look at each one with great care. I have to prepare like this because when I go on stage, through a few mistakes all that hard work seems like it will come to nothing, so I’m endlessly striving to go over everything. I say that because I want this performance to receive recognition. I don’t really have greed about the scores. I have confidence in my own ways and if I’ve prepared for the stage diligently I want to remain in the public and the viewers’ memories.

He wants to be seen not as 2AM, but as Changmin, a singer of various genres, “I have a strong desire for the public to know that I can do many genres of music.”

With the other 2AM members, their intersecting genre became ballads. However there are other kinds of songs Changmin likes.

“individually I like jazz too and blues, country, and punk genres. Black music is a genre I found while practicing. Even in 2AM there is a variety of music we like separately. I like R&B, country, soul music, punk, etc. In order to show the music I sang through 2AM, but on ‘Immortal Song 2’ I practiced just for my song, and an opportunity to show a new image of myself developed. I don’t know if the people who are watching sort songs by fast or slow songs only, but starting with jazz, bossa nova, etc I showed various genres. I especially wanted to show under music, so one by one as I challenged each, I was informing about them. Come to think of it, from the public’s position, it wasn’t without sense, from the score I found that it receded. However the me who tried various attempts, for my part it was a happy challenge.”

Is ‘Immortal song’ imitating ‘I’m a singer’? Consider it a ‘place of study’.

MBC ‘I’m a singer’ and KBS ‘Immortal song 2’. Only the starting point being different, through the context of a competition, the two programs are being led by viewers’ popularity votes. From the show that started it, ‘I’m a singer’, ‘Immortal Song 2’ has earned the label of imitator, but Changmin with study states his own opinion.

”As you would expect, I also enjoyed watching ‘I am a Singer’. It’s not a lie. Since I also was curious as a singer, I definitely watched it. And people who I call teachers are on it. BMK sunbae is a professor at Baek Jae university, and Kim Bumsoo sunbae was a person who helped me a lot in my singing practice since high school. The person who makes the most idols is Kim Gunmo sunbae. From the start I promised ‘I will become like Gunmo hyung’ and started music. But in any case, from viewers’ position it’s like watching exciting mixed martial arts they thought. If I got first place, that’s great. Of course it’d be great, but I didn’t know why I needed to have first place. That’s because when I’d watched the performances in “I am a Singer”, the day Kim Yeonwoo sunbae lost, his performance had been my personal favorite. Depending on your own personal preference or standards, the results can be different, I thought. In ‘Immortal Song’ there is the same grading but at the legend sunbae’s contest, at the legend’s performance, there isn’t only a grade for first place. I think that’s much better. I think it’s nice if you choose the person who you personally like the best as first place but the rest of the people are standing in line so I don’t want to be a singer who’s hard on themselves because of lowered scores.

Is there a regretful performance from ’Immortal song 2” that you can’t forget? If the “Neverending story” performance ended without problems… even now I still remember it.

In the world of singers, ‘Changmin’, who gets everyone’s not of approval for vocal talent, is still holding a regretful stage from the middle of the ‘Immortal song 2’ contest in his heart.

”During ‘Immortal song’, when I had the ‘Never ending story’ stage, there was a problem with the equipment. Eventually there was no choice but to stop the performance. It was a contest but through a technological equipment problem it wasn’t possible to continue the song. First the song had to stop in the middle and I apologized to the audience and it was really disappointing. When I judged it, it was a situation that could no longer go on. Whatever mistake if it’s a problem of bad sound, I’d just think ‘ah whatever’ and just go on anyway but because through technological problems you can’t go on, there was no choice but to stop. I had to modify it and tried again and therefore that stage remains the most regretful stage. If I’d done it really perfectly, really done it right, I don’t think I’d have any regrets, just overturning the problems from one time in the past and I really regret it.

How will Changmin remember ‘Immortal Song2’ as a program? ‘”An opportunity to throw breaking balls.”

“It’s was a really good experience for me to show my various musical abilities. I didn’t even have one experience of winning from the legend performances, but even if the viewers only know: “Changmin did these genres and music, he wanted to show these kinds of colors”, I will feel like I really got a lot from “immortal song”. If I just clung to scores, just threw fastballs, if I continuously only threw fast balls I don’t know if they would be fast. In real baseball too, if you only throw fastballs, all the hitters will be able to get through. Throwing breaking balls with enough diversity that hitters can’t hit, I want to become that kind of singer.”

Reporter: Ahn Hyunhee
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Translated by mcheller @ W2D