[MISC] Block B's Zico wants to be like G-Dragon

In a recent interview of Pia Magazine to the newcomer Block B, Zico was asked, "Do you think you should be called artists? Or is it idols?"

Zico's exact reply was, "We're idols. I originally wanted to work as a producer or a rapper. But, at my current age, I thought that there was nothing else I could do except being an idol. By gaining experience as an idol, I think it can be useful for becoming a producer later on. My goal is to be like Seo Taiji senior and G-Dragon senior."

It's a known fact that one of those who established popular music in Korea are Seo Taiji and G-Dragon, who lead the hip-hop movement and made it more familiar. It's no surprise that rookie Zico look up to them and let me just say that he made the right choice.

Translated By: Higurashi@BLOCKBINTL
Edited by: sunskyivee@bigbangupdates