[Me2Day] F(X) Victoria Interview on me2DAY

Q: Victoria's me2DAY talk will continue on today!!!! ^.^;;;

Q: Q11. Where were you when you answered the questions for the me2DAY talk yesterday? Compared to last week, you seem more nervous on music programs... Are you using a smart phone?
A: Hello (aegyo)^^ I did the me2DAY talk in the waiting room while preparing for the Music Bank half year special. I did it through my smart phone. We'll be on Inkigayo today. Please anticipate f(x)'s performance today~!!

Q: Q12. When you enter the waiting rooms of music programs, did a lot of juniors greet you? Is there a junior group or singer which caught your eye?
A: Yeah~ When we go to broadcasting stations, we found out that f(x) has a lot of juniors ^^ Everyone greets us, and every single one of them seem good in performing~~

Q: Q13. Do you have opportunity calls from China? All the other singers or actors/actresses in dramas and movies seem to receive a few calls.
A: I still haven't been called, but if I get to have an opportunity, I would like to show a fresh side of me in China ^^

Q: Q14. What's the CF you would like to do the most? Advertising fashion or modeling for a shampoo seems like a cool thing to do. ^.^
A: I want to do all of them (aegyo) ^^ Modeling for a shampoo seems nice~ Electronic products seem to grab a lot of interest so I would like to model for an electronic product too keke

Q: Q15. This is a question from our me2DAY friends. People are curious if f(x) is planning to advance in China. Your company representative Lee SooMan seemed to have mentioned it before during the lecture in the Stanford event.. Will it be soon?
A: We did a few promotions in China~ We still don't have a plan for full promotions but we're going to focus and work hard for our promotions in Korea. However, when the opportunity comes, I would like to do promotion activities in China together with the members~

Q: Q16. The crazies' second question. During "We Got Married" recordings does Nichkhun show you a manly side of him? What is one thing both of you would like to do before "We Got Married" ends?

Q: Q17. You must have heard that you really look like actress Han YeSeul. How do you feel when you hear that? Also, do you have thoughts like "I'm better than Han YeSeul at this"?

Q: Q18. You don't seem to wear a lot of accessories on broadcasts. Do you normally wear accessories? We're curious about your usual style and what type of outfits you like to wear.

Q: Q19. Do you have any thoughts on challenging the world of MC-ing or acting? You seem fitting to the role of a dancer, or something that involves action. If you don't want to challenge them right away, what movie or drama genre do you surely want to try out one day?

Source: Daily Sports Entertainment Team's me2DAY
Translated by: spiceshoe@iheartfx.com