[LETTER] C.A.P : Teen Top 1st Anniversary

To. everyone
Hello it's C.A.P.
It's been already a year since we made our debut.
It feels like it was yesterday since we met everyone while doing our debut with Clap, time is really fast.
Because I'm not used to write letters it feels weird.
But I'm writing of everyone so *BGSS2Maknae can't read what he wrote*
Last year, we made so many different memories with all of you.
We became one under Teen Top's name,and I thank all our fans Andromeda for loving and following me who's still lacking a lot and my dongsaengs.
For those fans who supported us and gave us an infinite love and those who will come, it seems like we will have another happy and joyful year.
To repay all the fans' big love, I want to always be with our Andromeda to accomplish our goals.

Look forward to what Teen Top will show you.
We'll always love you.

Source http://cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP
Translation credit BGSS2Maknae@6teensontop.com

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