[INTERVIEW] MBLAQ - K-RUSH Vol.1 Part 3, Pair talk and photophoot episodes

Pair talk and Photoshoot Episodes

Pair talk of true feelings that is told for the first time PART 1

Joon x G.O
The two who are carrying main vocal, variety in charge and MBLAQ's face on their shoulders told us about their mutual existence of being both colleagues and rivals.

----What was your impression when you two met for the first time?
Joon When I first saw G.O, because he had moustache I thought he looked like Santa Claus or something. And then I thought, "Is he a hip hop guy?"
G.O He hasn't changed at all compared to now, but is it called a bit of an eccentric with mischief? He gave me a 4D impression.

----You got a 4D impression just from his appearance?
G.O Yes. I first met him at a studio, but at that time Joon almost fell, so for some reason I thought, "Isn't he 4D......" (laugh)

----Do you have a 4D character now as well?
Joon Me? Ye, yes.

----Doesn't G.O also have a 4D side?
G.O I might, too. Things like amusing people by telling gags. And I think if I like someone I even want to say "I like you" for 500 times, so maybe that side of me is 4D.

----If you compare each other to a family member, who will he be?
Joon G.O is probably like my father?
G.O Joon is my son to me. I think I want to firmly tell him things like how to clean up!

----So what kind of husband will you seem to be in the future?
Joon As for me, I'll look at one girl only, want to be like a sunflower.
G.O I also want to become a devoted husband.

----Look at each other and does it seem like he will become that kind of husband?
G.O & Joon Of course!

----Have you ever shared a bedroom?
G.O In our dorm we both have our own bedroom, but when we came to Japan for the first time, we shared a room in the hotel.
Joon That's right, but all members don't like sharing a room with me. They said they don't like it because I'm dirty (laugh).
G.O My bedroom is really clean!
Joon To me I think it doesn't mean that I'm that dirty, but all of them like being clean too much!

----As you live together, is there anything that you want each other to stop doing?
Joon G.O spends really long in the shower!
G.O In the opposite Joon's shower time is too short!

----So is there anything that you want to do to make each other happy?
Joon Yes. I think I want to make him laugh with my reserved secret gag that I don't do on TV.
G.O I want to say to him, "You get a day off tomorrow."
Joon Now even hearing that alone may make me a bit happy (laugh).

Pair talk of true feelings that is told for the first time PART 2

Seungho x Cheondung
The leader who supports MBLAQ and the cute younger brother of the maknae line. A precious age difference talk of the two who are intimate friends like brothers is realized!

----Where did you two meet for the first time? And what impression did you have?
Seungho I met him for the first time in the practice studio. We were already practicing, and Cheondung came for having his audition, but at that time I saw him in a flash and thought, "He's so young--"
Cheondung I saw Seungho hyung and thought he looked mature and is my senior, so at first I was afraid of him.

----Are you already not afraid of him now?
Cheondung As the impression at that time was strong I can't forget, but he's very kind!

----They were saying that in a previous interview Seungho lost in a bet with the members and became one-day only younger brother. How was it?
Seungho As I'm the eldest son even in my family, younger brother experience was fun. Of course I don't always get services from my younger brothers in the group, but doing it once in a while is fresh and it's a good thing.

----How is the assignment of bedrooms in your dorm?
Seungho Mir and I share a bedroom.
Cheondung As Mir and Seungho hyung are the only two who share a bedroom, all other members have their own bedroom.
Seungho As there are not 5 bedrooms, it was decided by rock-paper-scissors. However, we share a bedroom and got to use the biggest bedroom. so I don't even feel inconvenient.

----So if you consider each other as a family member, who do you think he will be?
Cheondung I think it'd be nice if Seungho hyung was my younger brother.
Seungho I want Cheondung to be my elder sister.

----Why do you think like that?
Cheondung Because I think if I was his younger brother, for sure I would be bullied (laugh). But I think if Seungho hyung was my younger brother, I'd want to protect him!
Seungho By all means I want you to protect me (laugh).

----Why did Seungho pick elder sister?
Seungho I only have younger brothers in my family and don't know what elder sister is. Even in private I don't have any girls older than me that I'm that close with, so I've been always thinking that I want an elder sister.

----So if you get married in the future, what kind of husband do you think you will be?
Seungho I want to be a young father!
Cheondung Seungho hyung even debuted late, so I think it's already impossible to be a young father! As for me I want to be a busy father.
Seungho Isn't it possible to be a busy father?

----So the last one. If you have to make each other happy, what do you want to do?
Seungho Frankly I want to bully him! I think he will be happy for sure (laugh).
Cheondung Then I'll have my revenge!
Seungho I'll refrain with all my effort!

Photoshoot Episodes

Seungho looked a bit tired. He and Cheondung were sitting in the sofa outside of the studio and having a box lunch amiably. They didn't have much conversation, but had a natural posture. That also brought about an atmosphere like brothers in a family.

G.O was very relaxed, and when he was bowing to the staff he was exactly like a capable business man. As if he liked the glasses used for the photoshoot, he also had a lovely side that was happy to have the photographer to take a picture for him with his own cellphone!

Joon arrived a step later than the other members. Since the moment he entered the studio, a gorgeously bright aura had been floating in the air. When he was changing, for a moment the door of the waiting room was opened and the appearance of his naked upper body (was shown)! Those were the well-trained abs typical of Joon who loves sports.

Having a really natural posture, Cheondung appeared to be the type that he can't do things like fake smiling. When Cheondung was laughing, an expression of being happy from the bottom of his heart could be seen, and he had the charm of even making the people around him smile. The combination of him and Seungho is also the best!

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